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As long as I live 24x48

As long as I live is a unique contemporary abstract work.

“As long as I lived, I would give the best of me, every day. I would be genuine, vulnerable and I would listen to my little inner voice. He is my guide, my barometer. Each step will be consistent with my life mission and aligned with my deep values. I want to be proud of myself, of my background and of having been able to make a difference in the lives of people who have crossed my path. "-Aro

Acrylic on canvas.

Format 48 inches wide x 24 inches high.

Pure Collection.

History of the work on the back.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

Black frame included.

Final dimension with frame: 50 inches wide x 26 inches high.



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This work is on display at Le HangArt Gallery of Montréal
located at 233 Notre Dame Street West in Montréal

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