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Instant de grâce 48x48

Instant de grâce 48x48 is a unique contemporary abstract work.

“I experienced a moment of grace when I understood that my priority was not to satisfy everyone, to please or to impress. That my priority was to preserve my balance, to take care of my health. That I had to do my best to achieve my best goals and my most ambitious projects. That I was here to keep learning and improving. I realized that I had the power to build, to offer myself the fulfilling and peaceful life that I had long dreamed of. My main priority is me. I am my most beautiful and my longest engagement, my most important investment!. "-Aro

Acrylic on canvas.

Format 48 inches wide x 48 inches high.

Pure Collection.

History of the work on the back.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

Black frame included.

Final dimension with frame: 50 inches wide x 50 inches high.



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This work is on display at Galerie Aro, 2682 boul. Talbot from Stoneham, Quebec, Canada

Contact the artist for all the details: 418-657-0120
[email protected]

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