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A growing universe!

Sometimes you're not always ready to buy a piece of art when you've just discovered an artist.

It's a big investment all at once and I understand you.

Some people want to take the time to consider their options, others prefer to dive into the artist's world little by little to make sure they are making the best choice possible.

No matter what kind of person you are, know that it is possible to start smaller to take a first step in my direction!

I sell several products derived from my work so that everyone can have access to a little touch of Aro at home.

In fact, I offer notebooks, small sizes, greeting cards, decorative frames, hand-painted kitchen aprons, prints and clothing.

It's a good list!

There is something for everyone.

Des idées cadeaux unique avec les produits dérivés des oeuvres d'Aro Artiste peintre
Products derived from the works of Aro

I invite you to check out my website to see all these products and make the best choice for you.


They are perfect for a little gift for yourself or to please a loved one.

Fast delivery anywhere in Quebec is guaranteed!

Think of it as a bit of a welcome sign to my artist world, a way to get introduced to Aro's art.

I will welcome you with the greatest happiness!


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