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Impulsion on Porsche hood

Impulsion is a unique work, painted on the hood of a Porsche 911.

«A dream come true! I was a kid and already saw myself driving a Porsche. Now I feel my heart beating very fast when I step on the accelerator. It's like an electric pulse going through me. Oh... how alive I feel! I know today that dreams are made to be realized and that anything is possible. The pride I feel to have succeeded in my life and in life...and the best is still ahead of me!-Aro

Acrylic on metal

Format 47 inches high x 52 inches wide

Pure Collection.

History of the work on the back.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

This work is on display at Galerie Aro, 2682 boul. Talbot from Stoneham, Quebec, Canada

Contact the artist for all the details: 418-657-0120
[email protected]


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