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Aro's visual in The Art Book 2019

It is with great pleasure that I present you Aro's visual in The Art Book 2019 of the ArtBlend Gallery of Fort Lauderdale.

A book printed in more than 8,000 copies that will be distributed in the international art fairs of Miami and New York during the year 2019.It offer artist a visibility to collectors, curators, designers, architects and specialists in the art industry.

« Each painting has a life of its own. I just try to let it come through »

French Canadian Abstract painter Aro from Québec city explores the interplay of complete surrender to her creative muse and tightly maintaining control of her technique, creating vibrant pieces filled with bright color, sharing emotion, light, movement and sensation. Aro’s talent was quickly recognized by renown galleries and the Mondial Art Academia in France, and she has received awards from the Québec’s Circle of Painters and Sculpters (CAPSQ). Her art is included in a number of private and corporate collections and has also been displayed at a several international art fairs in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Aro’s goal is to be introspective, paint her truth and how she sees the world, and show her innermost heart and vulnerabilities. Through this process, she’s able to define her own rules and challenge convention. As a person, Aro is the sum of all the people she had ever met. That has made her who she is, shaped how she create, and how she define herself as an artist.

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