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Aro Artiste Peintre Art abstrait contemporain Contemporary Abstract Art Aro Artist Painter

Each painting has a life of it's own;

I just try to recount it.

ARO abstract artworks

Art defines your personality, allows you to create discussions and memories.

It's an exclusive and unique emotional marker.

Each abstract work by Canadian artist Aro tells a story.

It invites you on a journey to the heart of your imagination. 

Treat yourself with a custom artwork

création oeuvre abstraite sur mesure Aro

Live the VIP experience with a custom abstract artwork. This includes the initial meeting, the creation of the work, the delivery,

installation and unveiling.

"I want my collectors to be an integral part of my work. I want to create unbreakable bonds."

Automotive art

What a privilege to be able to give a second life to mythical and symbolic car parts for car collectors.

From Porsche to Ferrari, from Ford to Plymouth, from Jeep to Austin Mini Cooper, contact me for a unique project. 

If you are looking for exclusivity, if you like to stand out by owning unique car parts, Aro's works are for you!

L'art automobile par Aro artiste peintre québécoise

- NEW -

Incluant celle créée pour Michelle Obama.png

Enter the intimate and secret universe of Quebec painter Aro.


Through inspiring stories from her best-selling PURE collection.

Including unprecedented access to the work
"Let it be", 
created for Michelle Obama

Get your free exclusive copy!

Now available for a limited time 
to the community of Aro

Canadian contemporary artist Aro

But who is ARO?

Caroline Bergeron creates emotions. Her art signed Aro, a diminutive of her first name, and a variation of 3 words that has always inspired her:


A uthenticity

R omantism

O riginality

Vibrant works filled with vivid colors and subtle textures!


ARO internationally ...

She's a emerging abstract art artist to discover! Aro's talent was quickly recognized by renowned international art galleries and the Mondial Art Academia in France. She has also received several awards for her artistic work.


Her artworks can already be found in an impressive number of private and corporate collections and she also includes on her list of collectors the former first lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama and actress Deborah Shelton.


Her artworks have also been exhibited at several international art fairs in Canada, the United States and in Europe, including the prestigious Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. She exhibits permanently in several places in Quebec and Western Canada, as well as in the United States. She also has her own art gallery, La Galerie Aro in Stoneham. 

Aro artiste peintre québécoise à l'international

His works of art have also been exhibited in several international art fairs in Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe, including the prestigious Carrousel du Louvre in Paris and the Museum of Civilization in Cairo, Egypt.


She exhibits permanently in several places in Quebec, Ontario and Western Canada. She is also represented in New York at Saphira & Ventura Art Gallery and at ADC Fine Art in Cincinnati! She also has her own art gallery in Stoneham.

We are talking about ARO

Discover Aro's latest projects: exhibitions, blogs, media, videos...

Enter her intimate universe, where she gives herself up to you without filter.

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