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“I want to thrill people, one work at a time.

So that we never forget that we are alive.

And as long as we're alive, we can make a difference in people's lives.”   -Aro

Aro Artiste en studio - Art abstrait

Living abstract works!

In studio

ARO eliminates any form of perspective in his works by means of painting in successive layers, an emblematic technique of Jackson Pollock, one of his influences. Dripping and all-over with a knife can alternately be found in the artist's work, which sometimes falls at the crossroads between lyrical abstract and geometric abstract. The use of the circle, a recurring symbol for the artist, is used in certain works to allow a lyrical abstraction to unite with it. The other notable influence of the artist is Jean-Paul Riopelle who practiced the all-over.

“I paint my existence and I offer my sensitivity. I create without limit, like when you throw yourself into a void without a safety net ”. -Aro

Aro Artiste Art abstrait Oeuvres abstraites

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