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A conference on motivation and surpassing oneself

In “Yes it is possible!”, you will discover the 7 harmful behaviors you are doing

 (without knowing)

and which prevent you from reaching

your full potential.

A unique conference reserved

exclusively for the most ambitious people

(The content might disturb those who have stopped dreaming!)


The speaker Aro (Caroline Bergeron) reveals her atypical journey and her greatest life lessons through a touching story, without filter and imbued with vulnerability.

The topics she addresses touch us all. 

From the difficult process to stop doubting yourself, how to calm this inner stress that lives in you and prevents you from being the artist of your destiny or even how to find balance in your life and learn to prioritize yourself.

In short, the art of accepting that we are enough and that we have everything within us

to succeed in life and in life.

Through her conference, she will share with you concrete tools, applicable at the time,to put down what is too heavy to carry within you and create lightness and meaning

in your life.

Audience Clapping

Live the conference YES IT IS POSSIBLE!

Seize this opportunity


Bring this immersive experience to your participants and help them begin a transformation without the blocks and beliefs that prevent them from having the life they dream of and deserve!

Help them shine at their true worth in their personal and professional lives.


Ordinary girl who chose to live an extraordinary life, she shares her most impactful experiences -those who allowed him to reach the heights- as well as his difficult transition to the shadow side; passage that forged his character and anchored more than ever his determination to shine at his fair value.


Director of business development for Campbell's Soups, owner of successful restaurants, graduate of the Élite program of the École d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce, she is now the most rapidly growing painter of the decade.

Daughter of a distant entrepreneur father, a seriously ill mother, a disabled sister and a brother who stopped school at 14, she had to do the grandiose from her earliest childhood to attract the attention of his parents.


Stepping in and standing out in this context of dysfunctional family life was not easy.


This incessant quest to always be more in order to obtain the gaze of those who were most dear to him was the starting point of a cycle that became part of his adult life.


Although this incessant need for recognition and approval has served her well to become the authority figure she is today in the world of contemporary art, it has also almost led to her downfall.


Until the day she hit a wall at 44 and slipped into a black zone that led her straight to psychiatry, certain that she had gone mad.


In this conference, she speaks to you with an open heart about her learning in the multiple roles she had to play.

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