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Forever Yours on Porsche hood

Forever Yours is a unique work, painted on the hood of a Porsche 911.

Passion is what drives us, leads us to surpass ourselves. She belongs to us forever. No one can take it away from us, much less extinguish it. The passion causes the sparkle in our eyes, the shiver on the skin. Passion makes us vibrate, makes us better and inspires others. Let's be alive...because we have the privilege of being here and now, master of our destiny!-Aro

Acrylic on metal

Format 47 inches high x 52 inches wide

Pure Collection.

History of the work on the back.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

This work is available at Galerie Aro, 2682, boul. Talbot, Stoneham, Québec

11 500$ CAN

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