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Non-Négociable 48x48

Non-Négociable is a unique and original contemporary abstract work.

“This is the masterpiece of this collection. Non-negotiable, it is my ode to my values and my essence. I choose every day to stand up, move forward and make my way. I know now that I don't have to fit into a specific world and that I can be anything I want. I am all of that at the same time. Now I give myself the right to make the choices that make me tick. I am no longer in the desire to please or the fear of displeasing. Life has given me a second chance. I now see myself as an assertive woman who knows where she is going. Everything makes more sense. I know I have all the answers within me. My vulnerability and imperfections are no longer hidden. I show myself here and now with my light and shadow parts. I am a complex being, like every human being. We are all linked, interconnected and different. We need the WE. And it is through our cracks that our light emanates. My beauty shines through because I have chosen to assume my non-negotiables."-Aro

Acrylic on canvas.

Format 48 inches wide x 48 inches high.

Non-Negociable Collection.

History of the work on the back.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

Black frame included.

Final dimension with frame:50 inches wide x 50 inches high.

This work is on display at Galerie Aro, 2682 boul. Talbot from Stoneham, Quebec, Canada

Contact the artist for all the details: 418-657-0120
[email protected]


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