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Vérité 18x24

Vérité is a unique and original contemporary abstract work.

“Finding out that my truth is as good and valid as that of others has been a turning point in my life. Learn to let go, not to insist on being right at all costs, choose my battles and respect others. Trying to understand his point of view, his own truth. To be at peace and to grow together. This is a good plan. Thank you for entering my universe! "-Aro

Acrylic on canvas.

Magnificent duet with the work Between shadow and light 24x18.

Format 24 inches wide x 18 inches high.

ParÊtre collection.

History of the work on the back.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

Black frame included.

Final dimension with frame: 26 inches wide x 20 inches high.



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This work is available at Un Fauteuil Pour Deux, in Sainte-Foy, Quebec.

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