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Art is more than just an image!

It is not just eye candy or a few strokes of a spatula to add color to a white canvas.

For me, art is a story.

Each color, each pattern and each shape represents in itself a storm of emotions, desires, dreams and thoughts.

I pour a part of myself into each canvas.

It is a moment in which I can be myself, without mask or veil.

Quebec artist painter Aro Artiste
Quebec artist painter Aro Artiste

My art contains a spark of my personality and my own universe. A spark that is authentic, natural and vulnerable.

Each piece is a story that I have woven with my own hands, but with a painting knife rather than a needle. It is a way to externalize the inner flora of my being. So that all can witness it.

Each work vibrates with a part of me, but also with a part of each individual that I had the chance to get to know. Each encounter influences me and has an impact on who I am and what I create.

In a way, you are my inspiration, and I paint a version of what you have given me.

To this I add my own life experiences.

On the back of each of my paintings, I write its story. Selected words, a few sentences, that tell the story of the work. A delivery of my feelings that I let out into the real world. This is what I call the art of storytelling.

How about you, do you like stories?

Aro 💖


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