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The real reason why I chose art!

Pourquoi choisir de devenir artiste peintre
Aro, a Quebec artist painter to discover!

How can an entrepreneur decide to sell her businesses to become a painter?

And I add to this reflection the fact that I had never touched paint before the age of 42.

That famous workshop at the Beauce School of Entrepreneurship was like a punch in the face.

It even knocked me out.

I am speaking HERE to all people who feel an inner call to change things.

For those who wish to make a major shift to realign themselves with what makes sense to them.

When making a career change is the only possible solution.

This was my case.

It was a matter of survival.

My restaurant was killing me.

I was completely out of alignment and felt trapped in my business.

I had a 20-minute delivery, not knowing how many customers I would have to serve and what products they would order.

I was constantly in a rush, anticipating the future.

I forgot to live in the moment, here and now.

I had forgotten to celebrate every step of the way in my life.

And that's what painting made me realize.

Painting as a passion and as a career are two completely different worlds.

At first, I painted to relax, to have fun, to discover what was inside me.

Soon, the need to be in my studio to paint became visceral.

Every day at the restaurant became painful.

I wanted to be somewhere else.

I realized that there was something to be understood from all this.

And that I had to listen to my intuition.

The real reason I chose to invest myself as a painter is that I was finally finding my freedom.

The freedom of my time.

The freedom to create.

The freedom to be alone and have only myself to deal with.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has experienced this call (and not necessarily for art).

Share your story with me!

I look forward to reading you and being inspired too!

Aro xxx


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