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How is the 3D effect possible on artworks?

A creative approach that offers you an unforgettable experience!

Did you know that all the works in Aro's new Non-Negotiable collection are beautiful in 3 dimensions?

But how is this possible?

Maybe you think it's a matter of painting...

Or special application?

You may wonder if I paint with special glasses?

In this blog post, I tell you how I can create a 3D effect in my paintings.

At the outset, let me reassure you that I didn't invent anything.

I was made to realize in 2017 that my works had the 3D effect at an international trade show.

So, without knowing that and how it was possible, it was already working on my works.

I asked questions and read about it.

And here is what I discovered...

Our brain deconstructs colors according to the chromatic spectrum.

Our eyes present them in 2 dimensions, so we can't see the depth.

It is only when we put on chromatic glasses that it is possible to see what our brain understands.

But is this possible on everything we observe?

No, absolutely not.

But then, what is the secret?

The recipe is the superposition of several colors.

By juxtaposing red, yellow and orange, with blue, turquoise or green, we manage to see the colors in a precise order.

We do not see the 3D effect with white, black or gray colors.

And the works in Aro's new Non-Negotiable collection are very colorful!!!

And did you know what?

You have a unique chance to come and live the 3D experience on Aro's works from May 18th to 21st at my art gallery in Stoneham.

All this, before the works go to the galleries that represent me in Canada and the United States.

The countdown is really on!

Don't miss this unique event!

And know that sharing this moment with you gives meaning to why I do what I do.

Love to you,

Aro xxx 💕


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