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Choose what you want to see

Aro's abstract artworks tell a story.
Aro, a Quebec artist painter to discover!

It's a fact, we are bombarded with information at all times.

How do we choose what we really want to see and know?

Where can we find information relevant to our interests and passions?

I am therefore addressing all art lovers and collectors.

Don't look any further!

The NEWS section of Aro's homepage is the only place where you can get live news about my artistic career...

Continuously updated, every time there is news worthy of mention, this is where I publish, even before social networks.

My website is the most complete place to get a glimpse of my personal life, my career path, my upcoming exhibitions and my greatest achievements.

It's where I present my blog post of the week, my new works, my different projects, the recognitions I receive, and more.

You will also find all the details about my creative workshops in Team Building formula for companies and my conference "Yes it's possible".

It is also on my website that you can read the history of the works still available at my different gallery owners.

At any time, you can contact me to have more information on one of your favorites, make an appointment for a visit to my gallery in Stoneham or schedule a free 30-minute virtual meeting.

I encourage you to go and have a look, just click here:

Aro xxx


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