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Non-Negotiable: the whole story.

Have you ever experienced a clash of values?

The countdown has begun.

In less than a month, I will be presenting my 8th solo show in my career, entitled Non-Negotiable.

As every collection has its story, I felt like sharing with you today the source of this trigger, quite intense I would say.

Let me take you back to 2016.

I'm staying at the Beauce School of Entrepreneurship.

Our guest teacher is none other than Robert Dutton, former CEO of RONA.

He is proposing various activities, including spending the next 12 hours in silence.

The objective is to identify our Non-Negotiable Values.

So I put down on paper what is inside me and animates me at this precise moment of my life.

Have you ever done the exercise of identifying your most important values?

So here we are again in 2022.

I come across this famous sheet and reread my Non-Negotiable values that I had identified in 2016.

It's a clash.

I am no longer this person.

My so-called Non-Negotiable values from that time of my life no longer flow in my veins.

My first reaction?

Have I lost my way over the years or have I made my way towards more authenticity?

I sat down at the dining room table with the goal of redoing the workshop proposed by Mr. Dutton.

It took me a whole day to reflect, to connect with my intuition and most of all, to let myself be guided without any control.

And I had this epiphany.

The theme of my next exhibition had just emerged, clear as water.

I then took the next 14 months to paint and write the story of this new collection.

"The day I chose myself, and accepted my shadows, I changed. For the better, I dare to assume my self, my imperfections and all the light that inhabits me. Non-negotiable is my journey through the discovery of who I really am. Never again will I hand over my power to others." - Aro

I invite you to come and discover the fruit of my creativity and my reflections from May 18th to 21st.

RSVP 👇👇👇

Aro xxx


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