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A date with art!

Enter the secret universe of Aro on Tuesdays at 7pm during her LIVE
Enter the secret universe of Aro on Tuesdays at 7pm during her LIVE

The art of connecting together.

The art of discovering the creative process behind a work.

The art of being lulled by words and emotions.

A meeting every Tuesday at 7pm, live on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

I will reveal myself to you without filter, in all vulnerability, in order to make you a place in my intimate universe.

I will discuss the parallels between my artwork and their stories and universal topics that affect us all.

A unique access to the world of contemporary art!

I was inspired by the LIVES "In the head of Aro" shot in 2021, to offer you this new version in which I continue my path of learning and discovery with you.

Art and writing allow me to communicate and express myself.

It is a visceral need.

Each piece of art represents who I am at that moment in my life.

And I am influenced daily by all the people who cross my path.

Connecting with people is part of my great life mission.

Discover the life of a Quebec artist painter.

I want to change the world, one piece at a time.

Without pretense, the contact I make with my collectors is for life.

It is you who inspire me and give me the strength to continue.

Taking the time to get out of my studio and talk to you is something extremely important to me.

The Aro experience is an accompaniment from research to creation, from delivery to the installation on the wall and personalized unveiling.

Buying art is a memorable experience.

Buying an Aro means having privileged access to my world.

You will always be welcomed with open arms!

And during the Tuesday LIVE, I choose a work, a text and a theme to exchange with you!

Be there!

Aro xxx


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