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Car art: from scrap yard to work of art

Car art: from scrap yard to work of art by Aro AbstractAr
Car art: from scrap yard to work of art by Aro Artist

Giving a second life to car parts was born from a challenge launched by my spouse on a Porsche hood.

Now imagine walking into your garage, your living room or your office and seeing on the wall a mythical piece of the car brand you cherish.

The passion for cars is unparalleled.

There is nothing that makes you say WOW! more than a collector's item.

A unique and exclusive piece.

All these objects around us were built from the imagination, creativity, ingenuity, sense of aesthetics of someone, some individual on this planet who decided to create something.

If you think about cars now, you have to admit that some of them are masterpieces in themselves.

I take it a step further.

I give them a second life by repainting them, thus offering them the chance to be really considered as works of art by the world, in addition to creating a custom story, which I take care to write on the back of the work.

You will not leave anyone indifferent, that's for sure!

A unique way to stand out.

My distinctive works on car parts are unique and exclusive, just like you!

I am Aro, the first artist to be promoted by the Corporation des Concessionnaires Automobiles du Québec as an official partner.

Simply because art feels good.

The marriage between the automobile and art is natural because it calls for an emotional decision.

It allows you to immortalize memories and tell a story...YOUR story.

My latest creation on the trunk of a 62 Plymouth Valiant speaks to the idea that it's OK to stand out from the crowd and that our desire to stand out allows us to surpass ourselves every day.

Do you want an exclusive, original and meaningful decoration?

Ask and you shall receive!

Whether it's a trunk, a hood, a door, a grille, a steering wheel or... an entire car... I can give a second life to an object that is symbolic for you!

Please contact me!

Aro xxx


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