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Creating is existing.

To paint is to exist.

Given my profession as an artist, it seems obvious that art has an important place in my life.

But what does painting really mean to me?

How does it change me?

For me, painting symbolizes the fact that I exist and that I am fulfilled.

Painting is the equivalent of taking a long breath of air after being submerged in the waves for too long.

It's coming back to life; it's contributing to this world by illuminating it with beauty; it's allowing your imagination to breathe.

Moreover, art allows me not only to exist, but to live fully.

It allows me to enjoy every moment, every encounter, and to do something with it that helps me grow as a person.

Letting go of my creativity gives me the chance to feel my emotions fully, to gather them in my heart and to reveal them to the public.

By expressing them in this way, I can understand them, admire them, and share them.

I can connect with thousands of people around the world who feel the same way, who are also trying to discover who they really are.

If I were to ask each of you what art means, I would probably accumulate dozens of different answers.

All of these answers have their own version of the truth.

Our experiences and backgrounds tint the lenses of our glasses all sorts of colors.

Yet, universally, art caresses the eyes of all at all times.

Considering that the eyes are the windows to the soul, it is possible to say that art touches souls in a way that is unique to each person, as is each work on this planet.

What do you think about this? I would love to hear your opinion!

Aro xxx

The definition of art by the painter Aro
The definition of art by the painter Aro


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