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I am an artist, I am a woman, I am from Quebec

When we think of painters, the first names that come to mind are Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet or Gerhard Richter.

All Europeans...

...and all men!

I am a painter, I am a woman, I am from Quebec.

Female painters who have succeeded in breaking into the art market
I am an artist, I am a woman, I am from Quebec

Already, you can observe many differences between me and Van Gogh.

And yet, we both share a passion for art and the emotions it can stir up.

It is true that women have long been present in art... but as subjects rather than as artists!

In the past, the woman, deified and idealized, could not get out of her frame and pour her colors on the canvas.

Today, although the number of women artists has greatly increased, they remain sadly under-represented in exhibitions, museum collections and social media.

So it goes without saying that emerging as a woman artist is a challenge that can seem insurmountable...

Then, apart from making a name for yourself as a Quebec artist in Quebec, another challenge arises when it comes to breaking through internationally...

I am proud - and grateful - that my journey has allowed me to become a well-known female figure in the art world.

I have been lucky enough to travel and exhibit my work on 5 continents so far.

That's quite an achievement for an artist from Stoneham!

When I look at my work and see how far they have traveled, it makes me realize that I too have traveled as far as they have.

Creating art as a Quebec woman is a long and rocky road.

But it is still worth our attention and effort because creating provides

a sense of accomplishment that is worth it!

What do you think?

Share your thoughts, hopes and fears with me, I'm all ears!

Aro xxx


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