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I still can't believe I painted a piece for Michelle Obama.

Today, I want to share with you an exceptional encounter that had an unsuspected impact for me. The story of my meeting with Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States. First of all, you must know that it was one of my wildest dreams. A dream that was unlikely to be realized. I wanted so much to share with her how much she inspired me. How much, by her strength, she pushed me to surpass myself and to believe in myself. To embrace the entrepreneurial, artistic and dreamy woman that I am.

September 16, 2019 marks the beginning of the realization of this dream. The Quebec City Chamber of Commerce announced in the media that it had just achieved a tour de force. Seven days later, Michelle Obama would be in Quebec City to present her conference "Becoming". In the minutes following the announcement, like a groupie, I got not only my ticket for the conference but also a meeting with her. That's what I call giving yourself the means to achieve your ambitions.

The artist Aro painted a work for Michelle Obama
Painting a work for Michelle Obama, a dream come true

I also took the initiative to contact my friend Julie Bédard, then president of the Quebec Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the call: to offer her a priceless gift... A work of art by a local artist full of ambition... Me! (you have to take responsibility in life...)

She loved the idea and soon after, I got the go-ahead to create the artwork to be given to her before her conference. From there, "Let It Be" - inspired by the Beatles song - from my Pure collection was born. On the day, in the front row, I listened to his lecture with passion, interest and excitement.

Following her lecture, I met this extraordinary woman in her dressing room where my work had been previously installed for her. It was an unforgettable moment that will stay with me forever.

Today, my work is proudly displayed on one of the walls of her office in Chicago. Just goes to show that anything is possible!


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